Julianna in Houston, TX

I’m Julianna and I’m first. My story is somewhat different than others. My whole life, I had a caring family, my parents were able to manage their income and I always had what I needed. However, my junior year at high school, my life took a completely different direction. My parents started having problems and in less than a year, I went through domestic violence, my parents separated, and my siblings and I were left without a home.

My last year in high school was very difficult and stressful for me because there were times when I only ate one meal a day, when I had to stay in different shelters and sleep on the floor, when I had to ride the public city bus to school; but I didn’t let this discourage me. On the contrary, it made me strive towards the education I needed in order to be successful in my future.

I transformed into a stronger person and I became more responsible and mature. Now I am a student at Texas State University.


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January 19, 2018