Jamal in Burlington, NC

Hi all, my name is Jamal and today i googled “mom did not finish high school” and came aacross this blog… Well my mom had my brother at the age of 17; she is from Mississippi and ALL my family is from there. Today i am 23 years old transferring into a four year university. My brother is exactly 5 years minus one day older than me and my sister is 9 years younger than I. Today i looked at my brother and got so sad because he did not finish high school but he did get his GED. He did not attend college and it is really heart breaking to me. I sit here literally having tears in my eyes saying my mom did not only even finish high school. She was not able to live freely because of us. I pray that i can help her in the future.

Even though engineering does not guarantee anything, it is a start. It breaks my heart knowing that the only person my mom has is herself. I feel so terrible because high school was not the best and my grades were not either. I don’t know man… It is depressing. But no handouts are given… Education is important!


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November 15, 2017