Eros in Lexington, KY

In Veracruz, the wind moves the sand along the beach, waves and dolphins jump and sing from the salty water. In the kitchen, windows open, mi abuelita steams tamales. I was born in Mexico, Veracruz but I grew up in the United States.

I come from a poor family and hardworking that will do anything to make money to eat. My mom that was already in the U.S.  She saved money so a coyote could pass me through the border. Entering into a new country I got beaten by people and cursed at. It was a disgrace people treating me that way because I was a brown Mexican and I didn’t speak the same language as they did. I felt weak to them; I was taboo.

Going through many things at the age of seven I got help from a bilingual teacher at Booker T. Washington Elementary Mrs. Espinoza; who helped me out with speaking English reading and writing. Mrs. Espinoza was like a mom to me, she didn’t only help me out with my work but also she talks to me a lot about my culture and how I felt. She was always the one I will talk about my life and experiences.

I started getting more involved into the Latino community In Lexington, stepping into high school I found out about a group of Latinos called LOL (Latino Outreach Leadership) In Dunbar High School. I and other participants got to start sharing the stories of us individuals and prove the people that we were created equal and that we had the same rights as everyone. In a book named Living Out Loud by us the students, we thanked Mrs. Alvarez for reaching us and publishing and making the book for us. Also we let other immigrants, not just Latinos, know that we are there for them and that we can help them get involved in the community.

Now we are looking forward to get all the Latino Communities to get together such as LOL, Esperanza Club, LLCEC (Latino Leadership and College Experience Camp) and others. Making a huge fundraiser to raise money for more camps that youth immigrants across Kentucky can attend with preparation and leadership development experiences. There were difficult challenges to overcome, money wise in the year’s camp. We are raising awareness and giving the same opportunities and resources to those who lack. We are asking for donations that can help Latino Communities grow, every penny counts.

I believe the next step in my life will be my College education. Going through tough times and coming to the United States, all the sacrifice that it has been for me to come to a new country. For me to have a better education and a better life, being successful in everything, being told everyday “You will be better than me”; by my aunt.

I want to have a career I can enjoy in life. I don’t want to be like the people that say I don’t like what I do or they are just boring with the old stuff. I would love to experience something new going out on, my self being more responsible, getting more influence with the community. I’m already making an impact on others why not in college where I can get more involved and help people do something for others and feel great for myself. I want to be there for kids that have been through the same as what I’ve been through and guide them and show them hope; that the only way out through poverty is through education. My education will always come first so I would do my best to get my self-caught up in the class room, focusing never giving up in the classroom.


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January 19, 2018