Dedra in Stillwater, OK

I’m Dedra and I’m First! I’m a first generation college student from Enid, Oklahoma. I am attending Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I have been blessed throughout my 20 years of life. Going to college and furthering my education is the one thing I thank God for every day.

My life can be pretty hectic sometimes but, now that I am getting a higher education, I know it will lighten the burdens I may have in future years. I have been pushed hard throughout my three years in school to get the best grades possible. I try my hardest for my Mom because she has helped put me here. She is my number one supporter and without her I do not know where I would be right now.

Once, I graduate I would like to teach anywhere or anything. I just want my students to learn as much as I did in my primary years of schooling and know that there is a bigger and better world out there. They will have to learn that life isn’t always easy; I will be there to support them like my teachers have done for me. I’m living two dreams:  attending Oklahoma State University and preparing to be an elementary school teacher.


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January 17, 2018