Austin in Palmdale, CA

In a world of IB, AP, and honor students, the average B scholar has a hard time standing out. Not all learners are gifted and advanced. Not all college graduates started their freshman semester with dual credits earned in high school. However, someone must have realized that in a world of overachievers, there are good students whom also long for a chance at a higher education; who also have a desire to be a contributing asset to their community one day.

Through grade and middle school, I have always scored highly. This feat has continuously placed me on the Honor Roll. At the high school freshman orientation four years ago, I heard an advisor say, “Ninth graders need to hit the ground running.” Knowing this meant that I must study, apply myself, and not make choices that would affect my hope of attending college one day in the near future. High school demands quickly reminded me that I must stay focused and not waiver.

Learning a new language, Spanish, proved to be quite a challenge. I needed extra assistance from my teachers in this area many times; meeting with them before school. The study of a foreign language is a college admission requirement; therefore, I also sought the support of my father who is bilingual as well as tutoring from the teaching staff. Success in this subject proved to be a difficult barrier that I feared may endanger my admittance to college. With much perseverance, I completed the four semesters successfully even though it required six semesters to do so. The first semester of my senior year ended with me earning a 3.4 GPA. Due to my struggle in Spanish, my cumulative GPA is a 3.1. Happily, I am ending my journey of high school strong with a 4.0.

I have been involved in the Los Angeles County 4H program throughout my education as an extra curricular activity. Through 4H, I have served my community by participating in fundraising efforts that benefit my local town and club. For example, I have served by cleaning up our local Leona Valley Heritage Park for the Memorial Day Service that honors veterans and community members who were instrumental in 4H. In addition, I gathered dog care products and sent them to Iraq for U.S. Soldiers to use for their K-9 counterparts. Senator George Runner recognized this effort by presenting my club with a recognition certificate and an American flag that was flown in Iraq in our honor.

I have raised and managed a livestock/market swine project; where I have competed at the Antelope Valley Fair for eight years. In the capacity of teen leader, I have guided other members in the project with choosing an animal and building pens. Also, as the teen leader, I have taught the other exhibitors how to properly weigh, manage feeding, and ethically raise show quality market hogs.

In giving of myself to others, I have contributed over one-hundred hours in service to other youth. At the Antelope Valley Fair, I spend close to ten hours annually, educating the public that visit the swine barn, about raising market hogs for consumption. They are often in awe that youth have taken a stand on ethically raising and selling hormone free organic pork as an extracurricular activity.

I am also a varsity swimmer, at Quartz Hill High School where we have been awarded league champions for the last three years. Spending fifteen hours in the pool a week has kept my body strong and my mind clear. Through my experience as a swimmer and my familiarity with the water, I have pursued the certification in life saving techniques, CPR, and first aid. I have an excellent work ethic and have proven myself through years of volunteering with 4H and the high school swim team club.

Since I was a young boy, I have never spent a summer or school break in an idle activity. I have always persuaded a local farmer or elderly person to allow me to work in their orchard or yard performing manual labor or other duties. In addition, I have conducted myself professionally in order to seek employment as a lifeguard. I hope to continue to use that knowledge to prolong my ability to serve others.

I have chosen to apply to three state colleges all of which have accepted me as a perspective university student for the fall. My mother attended a community college, but didn’t complete the degree requirements. That shortcoming has constantly been a regret of hers that I don’t want to experience myself. I will therefore be a first generation university student.

In addition, I am motivated to secure a place in the professional world and the only pathway there is through a college degree. I am an avid outdoorsman and would like to pursue a career as a fish and game warden. Having the ability to study fisheries biology or forestry ecology and wildlife management is a dream of mine that I refuse to see go down stream. This journey is a dream of mine that was not fiscally planned for. Consequently, any scholarship monies that I potentially am awarded will be received with the utmost of gratitude for I am forced to rely on student loans to fund my education.


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January 19, 2018