Alfonso in Crockett, CA

Along my college journey, I have learned so much about myself in ways that i can’t describe. Being the first in the family brings about many characteristics about yourself that you wouldn’t know unless you experience it first hand. You will realize that you’re very different from your peers. You will notice that the wage gap exists, however that shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals of attaining a quality education. You will face challenges and obstacles that may feel like pressure on you, however I can assure you 100% that when you overcome those difficult moments you will rise up from the ashes into a fierce phoenix stronger than ever before.

When success is the only thing on your mind, the universe conspires to make it happen for you. Talk to your professors. Don’t feel afraid to ask for help when you need it the most. Take your time to study for exams. When in doubt, tell yourself “this too shall pass.”


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January 19, 2018