Abel in Inglewood, CA 

My name is Abel and I am an aspiring first generation college student. I just want to tell the students who want to be the first generation in their family to go to college to never give up. I believe that college is the path to a successful life. It will lead you to a good job/career, nice house, etc.

I’ve been receiving tons of advice from counselors, teachers, and especially my parents. My parents were not four-year college graduates and that is why I want to make a change by going to college and to successfully graduate. My dad has helped me along the way. He is from Ethiopia, Africa. He is a huge endorsement towards my education and I understand his financial adversity.

To the students, please respect and get in contact with your parents because they have came a long way trying to raise you. I know my parents did. Continue to try your best and persevere because in the end, you make the decision on what’s best for you.


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January 18, 2018