jesse-85College is a place where self-expression is a daily accomplishment. Not only are you learning about the vast array of cultures that this world has to offer, you have the chance to teach others about yours. Every year, the students at Harvard organize an event where the student body is able to come together and celebrate the Latino culture through a showcase of Latin arts. This event is called Presencia Latina. From Aztec Dance to Spoken Word poetry performances, Presencia Latina is a place where the Latino culture is brought to the forefront and shared with the entire college campus.

One aspect of Presencia Latina that I especially appreciate is the fact that you don’t have to be Latino to participate in the performances. All of the group performances were made up of people from very diverse cultures and backgrounds whose appreciation of the Latino culture brought them together to perform. Presencia Latina is one of my favorite events of the year for all of these reasons!

Oh yeah, and guess what? I was asked to host the show this year! I was a little nervous but so ready. Check out  the video below to see the steps I took to prepare for the show and also a few clips of some of the performances of the 9th annual Presencia Latina!