ashley-85This year, I took a class during what my school calls May term. This is one class that is 3 hours every day for 3.5 weeks. That sounds like way too much right? At first I was a little worried too. 15 hours of class a week, with the same professor! As I just started my final week, I am here to say it wasn’t that bad. You might think that having only one class means there is a lot more work, but with me it was not that way (that doesn’t mean, unfortunately, that there was less either.) Only having one class did give the professors more time to be creative with the material and the class. The class I am taking is Social Work in Action and for the class we have taken field trips all around the community and even one to Chicago to learn about all of the Human Services agencies in the community. It has really opened my eyes to what is out there! After semesters and a May term, I can say that this class is the class that I have gotten the most out of. It was well worth the extra month of school.

If you are already in college, then I would suggest to look and see if your school offers something like this. If they do then I would definitely suggest taking it. I know that means giving up a little bit of your summer, but it is definitely worth it.

If you are in high school and looking at colleges, then look out for programs like these and talk to the schools and their students about their programs. It is definitely a unique opportunity and something that I think is definitely worth looking into. You never know what you could learn, it might be something that could change your life!

If you do consider doing something like this, or even a summer school option, then pick something you are interested in. It will make giving up that time a lot easier and you will have a lot more fun with it than you think.