I remember being a freshman and constantly wondering where I would be after college graduation and what did I have to do to get there. Every time the thought came into my head I pushed it away by telling myself that it was only my freshman year and that I had plenty of time to think about those things. Time goes by fast, really fast! Even if you don’t have a major, making it hard for you to plan ahead, work with what you have. Remind yourself that although you want to have fun and enjoy college, you are there with a purpose. You want to leave college knowing that you took advantage of every opportunity available to you.

Here are some of the things I did freshman and sophomore year to keep myself busy and focused:

–          Join Clubs

–          Apply for leadership positions (Resident Assistant, Mentor, etc)

–          Volunteer (Anywhere!)

–          Familiarize yourself with all the services in your school that can support you (Career Services, Counseling Services, Financial Aid Office)

–          Apply for on campus jobs/ Work-study positions

–         Don’t stay in your room (even if that seems like the most comforting thing to do)

–          Use a planner

–          Study, study and study