Have you discovered that this journey we call life is all about learning experiences? Have you noticed that each day we learn a new thing about life or about ourselves? But, have you gotten to the point where you have discovered yourself?

This Spring semester (‘16) has been of a lot of introspection for me. I have learned about the things that I genuinely like, the things that I genuinely don’t like and most importantly the things that I truly value. I believe that as I’ve developed in life, I have found the need and importance of identity.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve have always thought about myself as being different. I have always felt as if I am more advanced in certain areas of my life and behind in others when compared to other people, and all of that is okay. It’s life. But, I started noticing that I was very different when I was in high school and I was surrounded by students that were raised differently than me, came from different countries, came from different family compositions, and had different spiritual beliefs than I. But, aside from being different than the rest, I noticed that there was something special and unique about myself, about the way that I thought and viewed the world, and about the way my thoughts raced and made sense of it. I started noticing how passionate I was about existence and how all that I was learning was important, not only for my grades, but for my own understanding of life.

It was not until recently that it all came together for me and I discovered who I am.

Certainly, not all people are alike and not all people have like what others like, and that is okay, but the gist of this blog is to remain true to who you are. But to get to that point, you have to discover yourself. I discovered myself by being exposed to different experiences, different people, pleasant and unpleasant, academically and non-academically,  and yet they have helped me discover who I am and establish an identity that constitute my true values, my true likes, and my true dislikes, regardless of what other have to say.

But what about you? Have you discovered who you are?