Being a Junior certainly has its perks. You are more than halfway done with college which is a bittersweet yet oh so welcome feeling.

As Juniors we probably have our majors all figured out and we are taking the upper level and hella-scary-but-still-cool classes. We have become quite the formidable and experienced student that the young fresh-faced ones look up to down the halls.

What I am loving most about my Junior year is the fact that the end is so near. You’ve gotten through enough to be retrospective. You’ve taken cool classes, participated in this or that internship, and worked on campus. It’s such a rewarding experience to see how much you have actually accomplished. You are no longer anxious to type up your CV because you know that you have had pretty spiffy experiences that make you super qualified for whatever it is that you are setting out to conquer.

I know that life after college is a scary thing because of the fact that it is so unknown to us. It is made all the more scary when we are asked about our plans, or lack thereof, by our loved ones, friends and professors.

Whether you have plans after college or not, make sure that you have that conversation with yourself. The conversation in which you ask yourself things like what will make me happy; what will give me the time to find myself? It’s a tough conversation to have with yourself, I’ll grant you that but believe me it is certainly worth having.

Once you have some foggy idea about where you are going, remember that you are at the prime of your life. Live it! Have fun. Yes, you are a student, but before that you are a young human being that deserves to have fun, make cringe-worthy mistakes, stay up with your friends and muse about the world and make unforgettable memories. As you become a more mature student, you’ll figure out the golden work/life balance. All you have to do is go over the hump. After that it is pretty much smooth sailing.