I can’t believe the end of first semester is almost here; it feels like it went by in a blink of an eye! My first semester in college has definitely been a success! I am very excited for all the amazing opportunities that have been placed in my path. As of now, my GPA is higher than a 3.0 and I am currently working for my school’s newspaper as an opinion writer! I have faith I will do great on finals and successfully move on to my second semester.

Now, I wouldn’t be where I am today without CSO’s help. The winter holidays are right around the corner, and I just really want to express my gratitude towards CSO; I am very thankful for everything this organization has done for me, because they have blessed me with the opportunity to go to college! As first generation students, many of us don’t come from wealthy families who can afford to pay for college. Some of us don’t even know a thing about college! However, CSO is an organization that seeks first generation students and gives them the opportunity to succeed. Not only do they financially help us, but they encourage us to help spread a message of hope; anyone can come to college no matter what background they come from.

There are many students out there who think they can’t come to college because of their financial situations, because of their problems; I used to be one of those students, until I came across CSO. I read Jesse’s success story and how he had managed to go to Harvard. It made me strive to go to college, to be successful in life, and to set an example for my community and my family. CSO equips us with what we need to get started on our career, now it’s our job to be successful and share our experiences in college and our knowledge with thousands of students who need that push. So, thank you CSO, you for giving me the opportunity to go to college, and for helping me achieve my dreams!


Please donate to Center for Student Opportunity this holiday season and help underserved, first-generation college-bound students in their pursuit of college.