Currently in my sophomore year, I am looking forward towards building my resume with relevant experiences that will make me a standout in the job market. I spend my nights writing papers and constantly obsessing over how to make the grade. Even with all the work I try to enjoy the social side of college with my fraternity brothers.

I consider my life typical of a college student but this experience is unique for me because of where I come from. I am the first person in my family to attend college and even though my parents have provided me with all the necessities of life they lacked the resources needed to fund all the expenses that come with higher education. CSO has given me the unique opportunity to attend such a great liberal arts school in Miami University. The monetary investment has been most appreciated but CSO has done more than that. I have the chance to assist the next group of students who were in the same situation as myself. Each post I write requires deep reflection into my own collegiate experience and how my story can inspire someone else. Center for Student Opportunity reminds me of where I came from and why I need to strive for excellence in all that I do.

Your support is needed now more than ever. There are students around the country who are not traditional college students but still possess tremendous potential, yet their stories will never be told unless we as a society begin to find ways to motivate and inspire. CSO seeks to give students a chance to make their own paths in life through higher education. In the grand scheme of things I see CSO as trying to provide students with the tools for social mobility. This is a cause that needs constant attention and persistence. It is my hope that you will be an advocate for those students who are on the cusp of doing great things.


Please donate to Center for Student Opportunity this holiday season and help underserved, first-generation college-bound students in their pursuit of college.