Hi guys! How are you all? I hope very well and excited to know about what college is like or just a little bit of someone else’s experience. As a first time student attending college in my family, I feel highly privileged to share my personal journey at Trinity Washington University.

To begin, I would like to share that I already attended orientation for a couple of days. The first day, I was a little nervous since I did not know what to expect. I wondered whether I would see familiar faces or if I would be by myself. I knew it was a great opportunity to make new friends, but I felt intimidated.

Trinity is an all-girls university and, to an extent, that had me worried. Usually, girls are not nice to one another; thus, attending an all-girls school made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. I mentally prepared, just in case I had any bad encounters with other girls, and reminded myself that I would be here to learn. To my surprise, I found friends that I attended High School with and that made me feel a lot more comfortable. We were introduced to the school, staff, and some workshops that explained the procedures of the school and expectations of each student.

So far, Trinity has awaken my awareness about women. I am starting to realize how negatively we are portrayed in the media and how extraordinary we can actually be. Little by little, I am gaining more confidence and feeling empowered by the information I am receiving. I am sure that as I learn more and more, I will feel extra motivated to succeed.

My classes officially start on August the 28th. I hope to have everything ready by then! I still need to purchase books and notebooks, as well as pens. Luckily, the scholarships I have gotten will help me buy them. Thus, I am not too worried about that. What I am concerned about is making the right choices! I want to remain focused and have and excellent academic year. I also need to become more organized because otherwise I feel like I will struggle with my assignments. For now, I am enjoying the fact that I am in college and officially working towards a better future; I am thankful to have this opportunity, and I would surely not have it any other way. Wish me luck, and hopefully your first day in college goes well too!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog and I will keep you updated as the months go by!


Brenda Angulo