I hope that many of you have already attended a fly-in visit, is still applying to other visits, or will attend one soon. I had a great time helping out with a fly-in visit at Colorado College.


Senior year is overwhelming! It just started and now you may feel like you want to get over it. You want the application process to be done with, you want to be finished with applying for scholarships, and you just want to hear back from colleges. I definitely was overwhelmed with AP/IB courses, extracurriculars activities, clubs, college applications, scholarships, and making time for friends, families, and even myself.

Although I was busy and overwhelmed by how much everything was demanding out of me, I still had a lot of fun with what I was involved in. The best part about the college process was writing my essays. Instead of focusing on what I thought or believed what colleges were looking for in a student, I simply just wrote; I was simply me. I was invested in what I wrote, and many times was emotionally moved by my own writings. I discovered and uncovered many things about my thoughts, my goals, ambitions, and love in things and people.

Eventually, I found the essays to be less like essays. They were my written stories. Although these essays were for colleges, I believed that they were more for me. While having been in college for three months now, I still look back at my essays to remind me of who I am, where I came from, where I want to go, and why I am here at Colorado College.