Imagine you are finally admitted to the school of your choice. Finally all the hours you spent preparing for the SAT/ ACT, writing essays, filling out college applications, studying to earn decent grades. Finally all that time has paid off because you got admitted to your dream college. All the people that believed in you and have supported you are just as excited for you because you are going to attend the school of your dreams. This once in a life time opportunity to pursue your goals is finally here. Now that you have that image, bare with me for a second, there is a price to actually partake on that experience of attending college.

This was a reality that I had to face early on. The sooner you come to this point, the sooner you can actually begin to take action to make your goal of attending college a realization. As a first generation student, I knew that the cost of college had a great impact on where I would end up enrolling. Since I was made aware of this early on, I was able to give myself more time to look for the resources that were available to me.

It would have literarily been impossible for me to attend college if I did not have the support I hd during high school. When I think of the support network I had three names pop into my head. First, is THE DREAM US scholarship program. Upon my acceptance into this program, I felt a lot more relived and supported to take on the journey of attending college. Through this support network, I am motivated and encouraged to perform well in my classes so that in the end my grades reflect the work I put into it. My way of showing gratitude towards this organization is by earning the best grades that i possible can. This shows that I am making the best use of the resources that they are providing me with. On a similar note a second name I think about is, the Academic Achievers Program at the University of Houston. This program focuses on helping students transition into college. If you are a first generation student please be sure that you look for resources like these on campus. A support system can easily be a buddy that tutors you or coaches you so you can transition into college. And lastly another name that comes in mind is I’m First. . When I find myself in difficult times, I literally sit and think about how hard people have worked and pushed me to be the best I can be. Having a support system truly is motivating and goes a long way.