Believe it or not, you’ll want a few of those in your life. Regardless of how  much friend repellent you think you possess, —you’ll want friends; and you definitely deserve to have them.  Just as everyone yearns for a great relationship, everyone, sooner or later, wants a really amazing  friend. You know why? Because we all tend to fall into lapses where we think our family won’t understand; that’s where your friends come into place. Everyone needs a friend. So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there; be a friend, — be a better friend for not just your current circle of  friends, but for the future friendships I’m sure you’ll gain later on. Especially in college. There are so many people from many amazing backgrounds. My advice would be to embrace it. You might be a overwhelmed, but that’s okay.

Just knowing  once you get comfortable, you’ll have people to go to the library with, help you study, have late night Papa John’s runs, sit through an incredibly boring lecture, and just be lazy with is a nice feeling to have. Not just because they’ll be there for you, but they’ll want (and need) you there for them as well. Besides, you need more than one person to play Risk!