Hi Everyone,

Fellow CSO blogger Long Dang and I got together this past weekend, to give you our version of a Williams College Campus Tour! Of course we honored CSO in our matching “I’m First” t-shirts. Many people asked us what these shirts meant during our tour, to which we always replied, “Well, we strive to be first in everything we do, but are most of all proud of being First Generation college students!” While neither of us have experience in leading actual tours at Williams, we do hope that our comedic commentary and the breathtaking view of the college and surrounding area will provide you with a good idea of what Williams is all about! Please excuse (or feel free to enjoy) any bloopers that we didn’t or couldn’t edit out ; ). Clearly, Long and I should apply for positions as tour guides on campus….or maybe not. Check out the 2 videos below (part 1 & 2) and decide for yourselves! And better yet, if you get the chance…come visit Williams! There are scholarships available to visit campus through the Windows on Williams Program, which you can get more information about by accessing the Williams College website. Please feel free to comment below this blog post if you have any questions, or want to suggest to us what you’d like to see in our next video collaboration! We plan to make more videos together on campus and we’d love your feedback as to what you’d all like to see or know about! ENJOY! And don’t forget to submit your CSO Scholarship applications!