We’re back!

Second semester is in full swing! I woke up this morning, took a deep breath of the fresh dormroom scent, and got ready to get back into the swing of things. I hadn’t realized that I had forgotten how to be a student, in a way. It’s different than in high school when breaks would come up.

In high school, holiday break would come up and we’d still be nervous about finals or mid terms and we’d still be in contact with teachers and friends, talking about school. Our parents would be ordering us around and we’d be doing chores and walking around like the little worker bees we were. Either way, break would only be a week or two and you’d be back at it.

Now that I’m in college, a full-fledged adult, winter break seems and is much longer and is filled with my own decisions, no one telling me what to do, and ultimately…boring days just lounging with friends and family. On many occasions I forgot about college completely.

On my way home I was overcome with terrible anxiety because I didn’t want to go back to the stress of school. I didn’t want to go back to the having to fake appearances to gain friends, didn’t want to go back to the bubbly outer personality I’ve invented just to get through my freshman year of college.

But now we’re back…back into the swing of things. Going to class, bonding with our roommates, stressing about homework we’ve already gotten the first week of classes. We’re beneath the lights, in front of the cameras…I guess it’s ready for us to get back into action, ready for the next episode of life.