Hi guys! Before the year ends, I just wanted to share something that I was thinking about the other day.

Whenever I was in my college search in high school, little did I pay attention to the emphasis that colleges or universities placed in their curriculum. The university that I currently attend, Trinity Washington University, has an emphasis on the liberal arts, but little did I know this in high school. The question is, what does it mean to have an emphasis on the Liberal Arts? Well, it means that their curriculum revolves around the arts, the natural sciences, mathematics, and what not. It provides you with a variety of skills and most of all, it helps you become well-rounded about different subjects and also a critical thinker! At least, that’s what happened in my case.

The reason why I am bringing this up is because at Trinity I was able to take a Piano class for one my electives and until this day I have continued that course for I developed a passion for it. Last semester I also began writing a poem that I finished this semester, and I was able to recite it at an arts event called Femilogue a few weeks ago from one of the organizations at Trinity. Moreover, I was able to submit my work to our university’s magazine called The Record, which publishes students written pieces or visual arts work, and hopefully, I will be getting my work published during the Spring of 2016. Thus, by being exposed to a Liberal Arts education I was able to accomplish all of this and as I look closely, I can only say how much of a perfect fit has Trinity been to my aspirations. Now not only do I consider myself a scholar, but a musician and an artist. How much better can it get?

Hence, my advice to you is to look closely to the emphasis that each school places on their curriculum and to choose what you feel you are drawn to the most… it could be the Liberal Arts, it could be an emphasis on STEM or International relations, whatever it is, be sure to choose wisely so that the school can provide you with the opportunities that will impact the rest of your life in the most amazing way possible!