angelica-85“When life gives you lemons, make orange juice!”
A close friend of my mind said this to me freshman year of high school. Now we are freshmen at Dillard University and the phrase has stuck with me over time. It means that anything is possible, there are not many things in life that are truly written in stone. 

When life puts hurdles in your way, do you stand in front them and cry? No. Here’s what you should do,  lace up your Nike’s, make sure their real, real  tight, take a deep breath and leap over your struggles with all your courage and energy. 

I’ve received my grades for the first semester and they weren’t what I had hoped for. Sooo what! I have no one to blame but myself. Does this mean that I lay down and die? Does this mean that I quit, give up? No, this means that I press on, push harder and harder until I earn the grades that I want.

Right now,  I’m at a C average which is unacceptable. I won’t “cry over spilled milk” though, meaning I won’t wallow in self pity. I know what I did wrong last semester and I know what I have to do to improve my situation. It’s up to me to rectify my mistakes.

I made it to Dillard University using determination and intelligence and I will graduate from Dillard University using the same qualities. One should never forget their struggles so I’ll cross The Avenue of the Oaks to receive my diploma with a smile on my face and strength etched in my heart.