Finances in college are terrifying–you’re out of under your parents’ wings, what do you do? There’s so many things to do! Going out with friends, buying new clothes, binging on school attire from the college bookstore, along with all the other small trinkets that are too cute to pass! I’ve watched a lot of incoming new first years go crazy at the college bookstore, you can swipe you student ID and the charge goes away……like a credit card. It goes to your student account, ups your standing balance and then has to be followed up with payment by who? Your parents..? You..?

Thinking never really gets that far in the moment. It’s hard to realize that money really does define how fun your college experience can be. As a first generation, working-class student, the phrase “oh, I can’t really squeeze that in right now” or “I can’t throw in for anything right now so I’ll see you all later” is among my top 10. I don’t mean for this to sound depressing; it’s just what’s real, you know? So it’s important to keep a tab on your tabs and look, scavenge, be aggressive with job searching! Employers are willing to hire strong willed people, but there are also the employers who don’t trust student workers because of the liabilities.

So on this road of finding out how I’m going to keep up my activities with friends without relying on parental intervention, I have several interviews lined up in the next coming weeks. And I’m a very average joe, so I have faith in everyone’s ability.

It’s been a hard year for my family financially thus far, which prodded me into the corner of re-thinking budgeting and income. I’ve been in the job pool for awhile but I’m rolling my sleeves up and making it happen so I can solidify my income in order to be able to get an apartment next semester.

College is what you make it to be but it is also where you discover what matters. And if you’re from a lower economic standing background like I am, I’d be happy to discuss what difficulties arise with being around wealthier backgrounds. As much as money will not sculpt who you want to be, it does muddy the waters for how you’ll get there.

Happy Valentines Day