It feels like it has been forever since I’ve written a post!

My summer wasn’t eventful but felt very hectic. I took a summer class, and not just any class, but a STATS class. Shudders. Anyway, I survived and am thrilled to be in my junior year! Of course I am sort of anxious about the difficulty and what is to come, however I am excited to be that much closer to graduating.

It’s only the first week but I’ve been trying more or less to get ahead and stay on top of my readings and assignments to just get them out of the way. Last year I kind of slacked on school because I was so worried about finding a job so I could, you know, survive and all that. This year I am determined to ensure my school doesn’t suffer. So far I have been pretty successful and am hoping to keep myself on track.

Another thing that I am super psyched about, which is my new dorm. I have been wanting to live in this dormitory since I learned about it my freshman year. It is apartment style and has a modern feel to it. I am TOTALLY in love. I have no roommates, completely private, my own kitchen, my own bathroom, a nice view; it is just everything I have been waiting for and I could not be happier!

Everything has been pretty good so far, so here’s to hoping this school year brings good times and great grades!