tereza-85I hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far! Summer has been flying by. I cannot believe that it is already July.

I decided to take a class this summer and it starts on July 13th. I’m taking Statistics because math never has been easy for me. I am hoping that if I take this one class and it is the only thing I am focusing on I will do great.

Other than school starting soon, I have also picked up another job over the summer to try to save up as much money as possible so that I do not have to take out as many loans. Plus the summer class that I am taking is not cheap. I wish I would have started saving more when I was in high school because it definitely would have helped me out now.

To all the high school students reading this I highly recommed saving up at least a little money for college because between tuiton, books, supplies, food and everything else you need, you go through money like crazy!

Also this summer for all the newly graduated students going into your first year of college in the fall, do not wait until the last minute to get all of your things together. Try to buy your things little by little (or even all at once) so that when it is time for you to go off to school you are not rushing around the day before to a million stores trying to find/buy everything that you need. It will make things so much less stressful if you are just already ready when the day comes where you have to leave.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer and have fun getting ready for college. It is one of the best experiences.