tereza-85Time. It is what we all want more of right?

Right now I am really wishing I had more time in my life because I am one busy person right now! I am going to college full time, I work at Sears part time, I have to volunteer 40 hours before December 12,2009 (I still have 20 hours to do) and I am a mom full time.

For the past month it feels like I am always on the go because I always have something to do or somewhere to be. This can sure get exhausting at times because I feel like I never have down time. To try to keep track of everything I keep a planner with me at all times so that I do not lose track of what I am supposed to be doing.

For those of you who are having time management problems or who are not able to get everything done in one day I suggest you try using a planner and not only to write down your homework assignments but everything else you have to do to.

I have a planner that has space for you to write out what your doing every hour and that is what I do. I know that probably sounds very weird and some people are thinking “who wants to plan out every hour of their day?” but it really does help a lot. It shows me what times I have open to do other things or if I need to fit something in that day. It might not work for everyone but it would not hurt to try because if it does work you might find yourself to be a much more organized and possibly more efficient person.