“I’m GenOne”

When I was in high school I received a lot of support with the college process from my educators. Most of my educators understood the challenges that came with being the first in my family to attend college. Most of my classmates were also first generation college students, so I received a lot of support from them as well. When I came to Stonehill last year it seemed like there were no first generations college students on campus and I had no one to talk to about my experience as a first generation college student in a private institution like Stonehill. However, on the third week of school my school held a club fair where I discovered that there is an “I’m GenOne” club in my school. I signed up for the club and it has been great! I have been attending the club meetings for four semesters now and it is amazing to have a group of students who understand and support me. In the meetings we talk about fafsa, registering for classes, loans etc. The club to me is like a little piece of home on campus.

I highly encourage you to find out if your school has a club for first generation college students. If it doesn’t you should start one. Most colleges will allow you to start a club if you have a certain amount of students who are interested. I’m a sure there are many first generation college students in your school waiting for a courageous and brave soul like you to start a club for first generation college students.