I spent my Spring Break last month going back home to New York City and hanging out with my family. While some of my peers went on trips to Cancun or to Europe, I decided that it would be best for me to return home seeing how I’ll be spending a lot time working for the Red Sox this season at Fenway Park. I landed a part time position in the Video Production department and have actually secured housing in Boston during my time with the Red Sox. I don’t know when or how often I’ll return to New York as I continue to work for the Red Sox and might do some freelance work after graduation so I figured that I should spend Spring Break with my family. I spent most of the break sorting out some business including a few check ups and appointments but also found time to schedule an informational interview with a television executive. I didn’t reach out to every individual I wanted to network with or review material for a second midterm I had following break, but I did get some much needed sleep and quality. Though travelling to new places and partying hard on a beach has become to expectation everyone has for an awesome Spring Break, I think that for someone like me who’s constantly on the move and busy on campus juggling three jobs, academics, and social life I needed that time at home sleeping in and occasionally completing nothing to recharge my battery. One of the things I’ll enjoy about graduating from college is that after I finish my time at work, I can devote my free time to things I didn’t have enough time for as a student including pleasure reading and picking up new hobbies.