Hugging isn’t for us. There’s simply no need for it. As with most other twins, my brother and I are inseparable. I’ve never gone a day without seeing him and while it sounds crazy saying that, it’s true. We never experienced the same level of boredom as other people experience because we always had someone to do nothing with when we were bored. From Pre-kindergarten to senior year, we had always taken the same classes, had the same friends, and shared the same interests. In high school, we motivated each other inside and outside of the classroom. A slight one-point discrepancy on a test would have lead to silent treatment on the way home from school. Even though we were so competitive, I was glad to experience everything with my brother. Our “twin telepathy” as people often ask about, became stronger and stronger as we continued to experience the same moments in life. As the college search began, we realized that our days together might come to a sad close. I was considering a different school and he was considering a different school as well, but we found a happy medium with the school that we both ultimately ended up choosing. As Thanksgiving approaches and I ponder about what college life would have been like without my brother by my side, I have realized how truly thankful I am for my twin and best friend.

Every Thanksgiving, our family members write down on thin pieces of paper what we are thankful for and then put them in our Styrofoam Mayflower. My brother and I look back at what we wrote when we were younger and laugh about the trivial things we said we were thankful for like our soft pillows and Legos. This year, I will write down that I am thankful for my parents who’ve always believed in me, my friends who make me laugh, and the opportunity to be a first generation college student. However, one important item should be included on this list: my brother. I never once wrote down his name because it never even occurred to me. Until recently, I’ve taken him for granted because he’s always been there; I never thought that he wouldn’t always be there. What I am truly thankful for has been right beside me this entire time helping me think of silly things to write down for the Mayflower.

I’ve been lucky to be able to extend my time with my brother for the four years we will share together in college. We decided not to room together the first year, but still see each other every day and next year, we will get an apartment together. Even though we’ve shied away from the idea of ever having to say goodbye, sadly that will inevitably happen as we graduate and pursue different jobs. We can’t even fathom the idea of not seeing each other on a daily basis, but the day will come when hugging will have to be for us.