This year for break I will be very thankful to head home and spend time with my family and just take some time to relax. I get to go home and see my brothers who I haven’t seen for a while and I get to see some hometown friends who are also back in town from college. This year will be a lot less stressful because I am in my own apartment and don’t have to be out by a certain day which will be nice so I can spend a free day here on campus before I head home. This will be a perfect time to relax, check out this new thrift store in uptown, and grab some good food before heading home to eat even more delicious food. I can’t wait to have some home cooking and not worry about the stress of classes. Last year’s break was much more stressful since we were headed home for the rest of the semester so finals had to be taken at home. This year heading back will be welcomed so I can take my finals in class with other people. I always tend to do better on in-person tests because it’s much easier to learn the material with a professor teaching. After Thanksgiving, we have a week before finals and then after that, it’s Christmas Break! This is by far my favorite holiday and I can’t wait until then!