3 months into my collegiate experience, I am having an excellent time. I have made new friends, become involved in various organizations and have even started to play guitar! The freedom that college has afforded me is such a great thing, and one that any high schooler should be very excited for.

Although I am having such a great time at college, I do miss my friends and family back home! This past weekend was Fall Break at the College of Charleston, and I decided to go back home. Coincidentally enough, it was also Homecoming at my old high school so I decided to go to that game as well.

Walking back into the stadium which I had spent numerous Friday nights cheering on my alma mater brought back many fond memories. Seeing old teachers and the current students really reminded me of the great times that I had in high school through all of my academics and extracurricular activities. If I could give any advice to you, it would absolutely be to make the most out of whatever time you have left in high school. Upon entering college, you lose a sense of comfort that has been given to you in an high school environment. You may say that you are prepared and eager to begin college and that is fine—as a matter of fact, that is awesome! However… You will miss high school!

Moving on with our lives and going onto college is an expected step for much of our youth nowadays, but do not be in a rush to grow up. Get involved with your high school and make great friends and great memories before you leave. Learn to love your community and enjoy every second that you have left! My four years in high school were four of the greatest years of my life and I urge you to make yours excellent too.


Keep up the good work, fight Senioritis and do well on your SATs and ACTs! See ya next time!