The end of the semester is FINALLY here! I am so excited. The only down side is that this is typically about the time of the year I also get sick so I am dealing with that. Luckily though, my final tests aren’t too bad this semester so I’m just knocking them out as they come and am not really stressing out too much. I’m not looking forward to next semester though because my classes will be more time consuming and back to back. I’ll be running all over the place which is not how I like to plan out my schedule but it’s what I got stuck with.

Aside from that, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! This is absolutely my favorite time of year! I love being able to spend time with family and not have the pressure of school looming over me. The biggest thing I am looking forward to is getting to relax somewhat before my winter class starts. That in itself is gonna be some hard work but I’m looking forward to just getting it over with.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays however they like best!

Until next time,