jeremy-85Happy Halloween!  Halloweenas Beunas! Joyeux Halloween! Frohes Halloween!

Hey CSO Family!

Now that I’ve covered the universal greeting of “Happy Halloween”, let’s talk.

As you’re heading to higher learning, the last thing you want to hear is a lecture.  A lecture about proper behavior and appropriate actions of being a college student.  You figure, I’m going to be 18 and that makes me an adult.  I’ll be away at college and only accountable to myself.


In high school, you were given your schedule and required to show up at all assigned classes.  In college, it’s a whole new world.  You need to be disciplined and have integrity to do as you need to do to make the grade.  No one will call your mother or your father to find out why you didn’t show up for classes.

That’s the TREAT of college life.  You get the opportunity to grow up and mature without parental control!  SWEET!

Here’s where things can derail…


Oh, you thought it would be a thing of the past?  You thought is was over after high school and everyone you meet from now on would be just so intelligent that you wouldn’t encounter people who try to talk you into doing STUPID STUFF!  You don’t think you’ll meet people who have CRAZY on the brain everyday?

Trust me.  Just because they’re here on a college campus doesn’t mean they’re here to learn and do the right things.  That’s my TRICK part of the message for this blog on Halloween.

You will meet people who feel like they have to be daring and stay up for three or four nights straight without sleep because they can.  Avoid those people like the plague.

You will meet people who won’t study and do their required homework, don’t make those people your friend.  Steer clear of them.

You will meet people who make fun of other people because of their race, sexual orientation and anything else which says they’re different.  These individuals are to be avoided at all cost.

As you can see, college life is like Halloween: 24/7/365.  It’s up to you to control your behavior, your reactions to actions around you and how you present yourself to the world.  College is not something you put on like a costume and take it off when you’re done.  College is real world and your attire should not mask who you are, but reveal how great and decent you are.