With finals finally behind us, I can now reflect and appreciate the dedication that college students put towards this time. The environment of campus shifts, suddenly the common areas go from hangout spots to study areas. A sense of camaraderie fills the silence as both you and your fellow students are prepping for this important time. What helped me most with getting through finals this semester was preparation. At the beginning of the semester, I read over the syllabus and made notes on what would be on the final so I could tailor my studying to include not only what we were working on currently, but also how much of that would be on the final. That was a giant help in not having the last-minute anxiety of having to cram everything. Stress can really impact your performance with any test-taking in general, so I also prioritize my mental health. Nothing is as wonderful as the feeling of stress falling off of your shoulders when you finally finish, so as long as you give it your all, you’re sure to nail it!