You can jump without thinking: It’s okay. Trust me! As a student myself, I know the demands to be the best thinker I am. We take a countless amount of classes to enhance our critical thinking abilities. And if we’re not careful, the lessons we learned in class can consume our everyday lives! “Should I hang out with Jimmy? “Should I go out -of-state for Spring breaks?” “Should I go to the Titan’s conference game against North Central instead of doing my homework?” The answer is, “YES!” Do it! Go hang out with Jimmy and tell him you’re glad to be there. Go to Panama City beach in Florida because you want to catch some rays and dance to some great music! And please- for your own benefit you’ll want to be at the conference game between IWU and North Central. You’ll thank yourself later. Sure- you’ll have to stay up an extra 45 minutes after the game to get your stats homework done and you might invest more time into putting Aloe Vera gel on your sunburns rather than working on your science project– but that’s okay! You’re entitled to a little fun- and a little hang out session with Jimmy! (I saw him looking at you on the quad!) Go enjoy yourself because before you know it, you’ll be a senior and all you’ll have left are your memories! So jump- it’s okay.I promise! Cheers, fun seeker!