This summer was my first coming out of college. I had so many new experiences and friends under my belt… how could I go home?? Well I decided that I wasn’t. I went back and forth for months trying to figure out if I could go back to living under my parents roof. Of course I love my parents and siblings, but I had just gotten so used to being on my own and doing my own thing. I also had gotten a serving job where I loved my coworkers and the work wasn’t too stressful. After talking with my friends back home and deciding that we would be able to make visits every couple of weeks work, I decided to live in my college town. My college town is quite the hike away from my hometown (3 hours) but I thought it would be nice to get my life started as an adult. I ended up living in an on-campus apartment with 2 random roommates. This was a little nerve-racking because I had no idea who these girls would be let alone if we would get along. Fast forward a little bit, turns out one of the roommates that I was assigned is now one of my best friends. We have invested in an apartment off-campus together and are getting along great! I have had to make so many decisions over the summer including where I would live for the school year and what I would do for work with my new crazy schedule coming up. School started today and I am trying to get into the swing of things. I am extremely grateful for all of the change that has happened over the summer because I have learned so much more about myself as an individual. I am living on my own and learning how to manage bills, a job, and school. This year is going to be a challenge but I am ready to tackle it!!