High School Seniors,

You are probably feeling drained and burned out right now. you’re probably asking yourself why you are fighting so hard when your high school journey is almost over. I tell you this: Keep on fighting. For those of you who applied to schools early and it ended up being what you wanted it to be, congrats. For those of you who it didn’t end up getting the results you desired that’s ok, the journey and fight continues. For those of you who are still working on applications and getting ready to submit them, keep doing what you do. During my first semester of senior year of high school, I applied early decision to Dartmouth College and it ended up working out favorably. Although I had hit the gas pedal very hard that first semester, I did not release on the gas. I kept my foot on the gas pedal that second semester even though I knew where I would be going by mid-December. The reason why I tell you all to keep fighting is because it’s not over till it’s over. Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends but remember that the grind never stops. You’ve worked so hard up until this point. Continue to keep on powering through. You can do this! I am a college senior and I can tell you that you all can do this! Senior year is not easy but all it takes is all that you have! So keep studying and keeping your grades up!