The first half of my junior year in college at the University of Houston is over. Academically, this was one of my best semesters yet. I spent most of my time next to my computer submitting assignments because I decide to take most of my classes on-line. There is obviously pros and cons to taking mostly online classes. On one had I was able to actually focus on maintaining a job that is relevant to my field of study. I hope to get to explore more job opportunities like this to start building skills that I will need as a Dietitian. On the other hand, since most of my time was spent next to my lap top, I had very little interaction with friends on campus. With the holidays upon us, I will certainly have time to do some catching up with friends and family.

As I take some time now to reflect on my last semester of senior year in high school, I think about how much my teachers cared about my success. The majority of the students in my high school were first generation students just like me, so not only did I have my teachers support, I also had peers that were going through the same situation I was. One piece of advice that I can share with any high school senior is that you are not alone. No matter what the situation may be.

If my memory serves me well, by the time you get back to school from break you will be hearing back from colleges and universities or maybe submitting any last minute applications. In doing this, do not doubt yourself. You are already near the end and closer to attending college than ever before. Take this last semester of senior year to set yourself up for success in college. Do not take it lightly. If there is any scholarships applications that you have not finished really give yourself some time to complete them. The way I saw it back when I was a senior was that the more I am able to actually finish and complete, the more I will be proud of myself because I took every opportunity I had. No matter what the outcome of what you do is, giving yourself that time to complete assignments and applications will be rewarding in some way. With this in mind, a good idea I can share with high school seniors is to follow up with any applications that they turned it. Whether it be by constantly looking at the university’s student access portals to see the status or their application. Or to just give thanks anyone who took the time to help them through this process of applying to colleges.