I would not be standing in my last year of college, if I gave up on the first time I failed at something. I think as young adults we can sometimes be easily discouraged when something doesn’t go well the first time. Recently, I was disappointed to find out that I could not participate on a study abroad program happening this summer. Due to legal reasons, that are out of my control, it would be impossible for me to travel even as a student.

I walked away from that experience feeling discouraged because the oportunity was a really amazing way for me to further my education. I also walked away feeling like my education was not as valuable anymore. This was something tough that I needed to learn how to address. I am glad that I was able to rely on the support system that I have. My support system was an academic program that I have been a part of since freshman year. The students and advisors who I have a close relationship with, and who knew about my experience, were extremely helpful and open to talking with me. After talking with them, I was able to create a different perspective about this experience.         

One of my favorite inspirational quotes comes from the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. In the scene when the actor Will Smith says. ” You have a dream, you have to protect it…. You want something go get it. Period.” It is important to have something that motivates you. It is also important that you find the support system that can best help you during harsh times. You will face obstacles, but the only thing that actually matters is how you move forward from those situations. If you are considering the opportunity of traveling abroad, take advantage of it! Find the resources on your campus that will help you choose a program that can improve your education.