One of the most stressful parts of college are finals. It’s the one week where the only thing you do is study all night and nothing else. Every college kid least favorite week is finals week. Having no homework is great but you end up studying all night. Finals honestly are not too bad as long as you study for them. One of the big ways to make finals easier is to not slack off during the school year. The worst feeling in the world is when you stress over a final because you have a 78{53c6eff5ce19621f7316832cfedf08caab022021f1679c62c3f44b8900ceaf72} in a class because you slacked off and you need a certain grade to get a B. I’ve been there and it is not fun, it’s nothing but pure stress.

Another good idea for finals is to not study last minute. Try to at least study a day before so it is somewhat manageable. Studying the night before just creates stress and in the end you will not study. Going into a final and knowing none of the questions is a pretty terrible feeling and it will literally kill your grade and you won’t recover from it.
Getting done with finals is the best feeling ever and it makes you feel so relieved. You will feel even better if you know you did well on them. I’ve been in some situations where I don’t enjoy break because I’m stressing over what my final grade in a class will be. Just put in the work early and don’t slack off a lot during the semester and while everyone is stressing and freaking out over finals you’ll be chilling and studying a little but because you have high grades already.