The idea of your first round of college finals can be daunting, I know. You’ve only just gotten your foot in the door and you’re already expected to take these exams. You may be exhausted and overwhelmed from the newness of college, and the sheer volume of everything you are expected to know.

It’s always the hardest trying to find the willpower and determination to make it through the last couple days of a semester. Trust me, you owe it to yourselves to fight as best you can until the very end. But, to do that you’ve got to dig deep and figure out what it is that drives you.

Your driving force can be your desire to make your dream a reality, or it can be to prove naysayers wrong, it can be that you want to prove YOURSELF wrong. Or in my case, it’s all the above.

When I feel like I mentally can’t handle a single problem or page more, I just think of all the people who support me. I also think of the people who never believed in me. Those that said that I don’t know what “a single day of hard work is”. Yes, these comments hurt, but I turn them into something productive; I let my accomplishments speak for themselves. Use these naysayers as fuel to keep you going when you can’t keep yourself going. Show them and show yourself that you deserve your right to an education, and a right to make your dreams a reality.

Fight the good fight. Take care of yourself, and support your peers. Your life, personality, and experiences are extremely complex and thus, can never be boiled down to an exam score or a letter grade. Make sure you understand this; if you do, the sky is the limit for you my friend.