Yes! I made it through my first semester of college virtually in one piece! I unknowingly enrolled in remarkable courses; met some wonderful people; learned plenty academically, about others, and about me; endured the dining hall meal plan; and even survived final exams and essays. I feel so accomplished and actually can’t wait until the spring semester rolls around! Who would have ever thought that I’d be excited for school to start again!? Well, I am anxious!

As I reflect on this past semester I am thankful that I can look back with a grin from ear to ear. I’m really digging this. Being away from home has its difficulties – getting use to a new routine, acclimating to the new city life, and whatnot – but I am enjoying getting adjusted. Going to college has challenged me to yield myself to trying and doing things I never thought of doing or even said I would never do; everything from opening up enough to try sushi again and actually growing to like it to becoming more open about different cultures and religions. I’m finding that I wasn’t quite well-rounded as I thought I was – but I’m working on it!

As seniors and upperclassmen in high school, be sure to be open with the schools you consider being a part of your final list. It is okay to look at schools that are a little unique or different from the other schools you’ve subscribed to. The great thing about going to college is that you’re surrounded by people who enjoy learning just as much as you do, so know that almost anywhere you go, you will be offered something distinctive and, more importantly, useful!

Happy Holidays!