My favorite time of the year is finally here! Fall is without a doubt the best season. I can finally break out my dusty sweaters and go the whole day without sweating in the humid heat of Houston. Of course, with that comes the closing of the semester and all the assignments and finals piling up. This semester is significantly better than the last but I am totally ready to get out of here.

The new season always brings great feelings of freshness and the desire to be out and about and enjoy the atmosphere! Some of my favorite places on campus include the courtyard of my dorm, the area around my college, the bowling alley of my student center, and of course the coffee shops around campus. My favorite place as of late has definitely been the bowling alley. With all my assignments and responsibilities constantly taking up majority of my time, I found that it’s one of the quickest and exciting ways to kind of rid myself of the stress (even if temporarily). I have definitely been getting better and it’s been a whole lot of fun! My highest score so far has been 123. My goal is to increase it a little more each time I go.

Lately I have been looking for summer internships. I have been a bit conflicted about my major; I have been caught between Marketing and MIS and am not completely sure which one I want to major/minor in yet. I am hoping to land an MIS internship to give me a bit more perspective , however I am actively pursuing both. I hope to hear back soon with some positive news!

Until next time,