College certainly does provide it’s own pace of things. I thought I knew what stress felt like through out high school. Oh how wrong I was.

College is extremely fast paced. On the one hand you have a whole year worth of one AP class squished into one semester. That’s craziness!! It certainly does help that the professors are really good at teaching the material so that t never feels too overwhelming. The catch is that you have to put in a lot of work outside of class. You have to read maybe more than one textbook chapter before stepping into class. Sometimes you have to read a whole book. It really depends on the class subject. That’s also a reason why you want to choose classes that you are genuinely interested in.

It’s all about time management and fixing your perception of things. I figure that if we can’t do everything all at once, then why worry about everything all at once? Everything will eventually get done; you just have to make sure that it gets done in a timely manner.

The classes themselves aren’t difficult, what makes it difficult is if you don’t put time into the class. You can not let stress rule your life, keep in mind that your time in college are your golden years of life! You’re only job in college is to learn to be independent and become a more knowledgeable person. We have to enjoy the struggle!