lysa-85Wow! I can’t believe that it’s already July! This summer seems to be passing by even faster than freshman year. I remember last summer and the anticipation I felt while anxiously awaiting the last week of summer and the first week of college.

This summer has been a bit different for me. Although I have been catching up on some much-needed rest and relaxation, I have also taken on an interning position at a pediatrics office, assisting a doctor twice a week and a job at a local store.

Last summer I didn’t have any of these things, and looking back on it, I wish I would have spent my summer much more wisely. I didn’t have a job last summer mostly because I wanted to enjoy my last summer home with my friends. Although I do not regret that decision, having a part-time job may have been helpful once school started due to the heavy expense of going to school out of state. Being out of state means that anytime you go home, you’re most likely having to get on a bus, train, car, or a plane, which can be very expensive! So my advice to any of you who are attending an out of state college far from you’re home, is to save up some money for travel. I also made the mistake of not booking my flights home far enough in advance which proved to be a very expensive mistake that I could’ve avoided. So trust me, summertime is NOT TOO EARLY to begin looking into purchasing flights home for thanksgiving, winter break, and maybe even spring break!

This summer would also be a great time to throw out all of that stuff you’ve been hoarding for years and start deciding what you can part with as you leave for college and what you can’t. DO NOT PACK LAST MINUTE AND DO NOT OVER PACK! I remember all the things I thought I would need for college. Then, when I got there, it turned out that no, I didn’t need to supply my own toilet paper and yes, I probably packed too much clothes and stuff to decorate my room than I actually needed. Just remember that you can always buy stuff that you need once you get to your school! I drove 21 hours to Williams in Massachusetts from South Florida, with way more stuff than I could ever need for my first year, and when I got to campus I realized how much I could’ve left at home and bought new at a nearby Walmart. Plus, my dad might’ve been much happier if all the things I had crammed into the back of our car wasn’t blocking his view as he drove up the east coast.

I know that many of you probably have no clue about what you’re going to need to bring with you. I know I was a little lost and stressed with what to bring and what not to bring. So if you have any questions on what you’re going to need don’t be afraid to ask me or any of the other bloggers. I personally wish I would’ve asked someone beforehand!

So you may be asking yourself, what else can you do this summer to get ready for college? Besides saving up some money and starting to pack and prepare, you can give yourself a well deserved break! After all, that’s what the summertime is for and you’ve clearly earned it! You’ve successfully completed high school, gotten accepted into college, and sorted out all of your financial aid. Now it’s time to relax…at least until you start getting a million emails from your college reminding you to set up your online account, sort through your financial aid plan, pick your housing, and most importantly what you’re  going to study!  So sit back, relax, eat some home cooked meals, pack up your things and prepare for an amazing first year away from home!