With college comes busy schedules and not enough free time. Staying healthy, while it is very important, can easily become a low priority when all the responsibilities of being a college student seem daunting. Being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle can and will look different to different people. Today I want to talk about the ways I have tried to eat healthy in college. 

A healthy diet can be especially difficult. Many college students are limited by meal plans and their financial situations. I did not know the true meaning of a “ramen every night diet” until my first year of college. Something to remember is that eating healthy does not necessarily have to mean a salad. It can include opting for vegetables instead of pepperoni on your pizza or choosing the drink that has less added sugars. 

The first thing I learned when I vowed to be healthy is that controlling your portion sizes has great benefits. It will do so much to improve your diet. Too much of anything, even healthy foods, is never good for the body. It is also important to remember not to fight stress by eating. Finding other outlets for stress is ultimately more healthier for both your body and mind. 

Another great way to make sure you are eating healthy is to eat breakfast. For a busy college student, it is easy to skip this important meal, but even grabbing a granola bar before class can go a long way. It will limit you from snacking and overeating between meals and also help you stay focused throughout your classes. 

While this may be an unpopular option, keeping healthy snacks around can limit us from getting lost in a bag of oh so good potato chips. Snacks like granola and yogurt, trail mix, pre-cut fruit, granola bars can be a healthy alternative that still tastes good- and your body will thank you for it!

Finally, I try to sip on water all day. Drinking water has numerous benefits all around. First it keeps our bodies hydrated and energized. Second, it helps fight acne and keeps our skin looking refreshed. Third, it has so many benefits regarding our organs and other body parts. When its tempting to reach for pop get water instead and your body will thank you!

Now, I will be the first to admit, there are times where I break these rules I set for myself. For the most part, however, when I have stuck to this list I felt so much better. How will you try to eat healthy during the school year?