Diversity is essential in any environment, whether work related or not, because it allows different viewpoints and thought process to be utilized. Every individual is shaped by unique experiences that influence the way they act and think. To restrict a community to a certain breed of individual would mean losing out on possible angles to be taken when tackling a problem. Of course, it is important to have members of a workforce be adept and capable in their field; however, sometimes such extremely technically minded individuals may restrict themselves in the creative process. The essence of technology is its forward driven nature, always reinventing and progressing. In this sense, it is important to balance any given group with unique thinkers that could inspire improved algorithms or structures that otherwise be considered too difficult or complex by technically focused members.

Having diverse interests will not only give you a unique perspective, but also keep your mind fresh. There are only so many hours in a day that can be spent doing one task before one’s focus is affected. I have seen my peers get affected by this, spending hours and hours in lab every day, beating their head against a wall. However, if you were to have another activity that you are passionate about, you could take breaks from both by working on the other, thus keeping you sane and allowing you to still be working towards something you are passionate about.

I highly encourage anyone that is considering pursuing multiple majors or career paths to invest the time and follow that dream. It may seem daunting at first, but with support from friends and some time management skills you will be set for greatness. If nothing else, you’ll have twice the amount of friends as everyone else since you will be working around two different majors – sounds like a deal to me!


two passions = diverse, unique perspective + productivity boost