Although my first year wasn’t as smooth sailing as I would have hoped, I find that I’ve made a lot of memories and met a lot of people that I will never forget. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m able look back on the past 8-9 months without the stress of finals weighing on my mind and as I comfortably lounge around at home.

However, I won’t bore you with my lack of summer festivities and instead will entreat you to a quick glimpse into my freshman year of college with 3 of my favorite moments:

  1. WILD. Don’t worry this isn’t a typo or a random exclamation. My school hosts a bi-annual concert, entitled “WILD”, in which students gather in the quad and enjoy live performances and food. For the spring semester, I went with a group of my friends and had the BEST. NIGHT. EVER. (albeit it was also probably due to all the ice cream I consumed afterward)
  2. Visiting the Arch. I not much of a tourist-y person, but I will say that living in St. Louis, it would have been a shame if I hadn’t went to see the Gateway Arch at least once. And even though, it was just a giant, metal sculpture, I was happy to share the experience with some really great people…and also some really great street food vending.
  3. Freshman Convocation. Being welcomed on campus with such open arms was a great experience for me, and personally made the transition from home to school even easier. Surrounded by other first year students dressed with face paint, stickers, our select dorm t-shirts, and looks of pride was AMAZING!!! We shouted chants and cried out calls as we marched across campus, lit from each side by family and friends. This will forever be a night to remember.