Hey guys!

So as many of you are filling out your FAFSA and college applications, you are probably thinking that its been 4 years, how can we remember how crazy and stressful it can really be. Well I do remember because I am currently living it all over again, just like you. My first graduate school application is due in less than 3 weeks!! (Eekkk!) So I know the pain and worry you are going through. So here are some things that I am doing that will help you too!:

•Essays: For me this has been the most stressful part. This is not a typical paper, do not write it at the last minute. I have been working on mine for 2 months. Also have friends or family members peer edit them as well as a teacher or academic professional. They each have different things to offer and both will help you have the best admissions essay you can have!

•Application: This is another thing that you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to fill out. Give yourself plenty of time so that if you have any questions you can get them answered. And if you have questions… Ask!

•Requirements: As you are looking at schools, if you don’t meet a GPA or test score requirement… apply anyways. You never know what could happen.

•Attachements and Interviews: Make sure that you include everything that the school requires you to send, you don’t want to get denied because you forgot something. Same thing goes with an interview. If it is required, make an appointment as soon as you submit the application so that you don’t risk them denying you because you did not provide an interview. Don’t know if the school requires you to interview, then ask. It is better to ask and find out that you don’t rather than assume you don’t and find out you do.

As you all sit, biting your nails, waiting for that one letter to come in and say you were accepted, I will be here doing the same. Good luck everyone!