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The Beginning

Throughout my life sports always came before anything else, including school. My dad was always there, taking me to practices and games and staying for the duration of each. He was always supportive and encouraged me to keep pushing myself. Due to sports I have had the opportunity to meet so many new people, especially girls older than me who happened to be on my team. In high school I was the only freshman to make the varsity soccer team, as well as making varsity for lacrosse and track. I was anxious and excited to enter high school because I knew many upperclassmen who would be there to help me adjust. High school ended up being the best years I could have ever wished for.photo_packard1.jpg

Entering College

When it came time to go to college, instead of being excited to enter a whole new chapter of my life I was timid and scared. I worried: How would I afford college? How would I succeed? What would I major in? All of these questions made me realize that I had no one in my family who truly understood what I was going through, although my parents were extremely supportive and tried their best. It helped to have friends who had already started college and knew what I had to do to prepare. With the help of my parents and friends, I was able to figure everything out and go to college more comfortably.

First Day

The 20-minute commute from my hometown in Burlington, Mass. to North Andover made the whole idea of moving into college much better. I was excited to unpack my clothes, rearrange my new room and even meet my new roommates —I had never lived away from home or had the chance to live with others my age since I am an only child. I took note of everything the professor said in my first class and immediately went back to my room to start my homework. You could say I took it a bit overboard.

To This Day…

photo_packard2.jpgI’ve been incredibly happy with my roommates, the friends I’ve made and especially the grades I’ve earned. Although there are, of course, aspects of college that have been rough and hard to get through, I have a very strong supportive system; and, no matter what, I am never alone.